Miyajima Travel: Daisho-in Temple


8 Dec 2020 ... Daisho-in Temple · Book your trip · Japan Travel News · Book your trip · Explore Miyajima · Japan Travel News · Japan Guide Forum: Miyajima: ...



28 Jun 2020 ... Some souvenir shops in popular tourist spots have cheap versions of yukata for sale, making them candidates for the typical souvenir from Japan.

A Beginner's Guide to Cherry Blossom Viewing: Cherry Tree Varieties


5 Mar 2021 ... Yamazakura. Average blooming period in Tokyo: early April. The yamazakura is the most common cherry tree variety of Japan ...

Where to surrender my Alien Card? - japan-guide.com forum


11 Dec 2009 ... This office serve the State of Michigan & Illinois. Call ahead to advise that you will mail them the Alien Card. Send it registered mail w/your letter ...

Sightseeing on Sacred Mount Hieizan


15 Nov 2018 ... By Sam Evans. Looming between Japan's ancient capital Kyoto and its largest lake, Lake Biwa, is the sacred Mount Hieizan. Home to Enryakuji ...

college life for an exchange student in japan - japan-guide.com forum


25 May 2012 ... ... classes in japanese? the reason why im asking is because i heard someone who went to the university of michigan and she did a semester ...

Where to buy Ambasa? - japan-guide.com forum


6 May 2009 ... Near my house in Michigan there are quite a few Japanese super markets. I do not know if they Ambasa but a quick phone call would answer ...

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